Commissioned work


Design and model sheet for a 3D character, to be used as 3D mascot for a company.  Two talented ex-students ( Samuel Eeckhout & Tony Wang ) of me did the 3D work, and I designed the chipmunk and supervised the overall design. – for digital mind –



A piano teacher for whom I made a business card. His contact information is on the backside of the card.



The Ant is a 3D-mascotte I designed for a company that made a set of content management systems. The Ant represents the “little helper” and offers the strange humans some help with their management solutions. Everything from modelling to texturing was created in Cinema4D. Once I had my 3D mesh, I started to put a dynamic bone structure in it, to make the different poses easier to handle. Once the model was ready for animation, I needed to create different attributes the Ant would need for the representation of different actions and poses. I guess the natural habitat of the AntZ will be ready to view on I made around 30 variations with the character.




They asked me if it was possible to reconstruct an old 15th century church in 3D that stood in the centre of Brugge. Sure!
Where the so-called Sint-Donaaskerk stood before, they now placed a modern sculpure; the “Toyo Ito”. Most of the people don’t remember the old church stood there when they see the new monument. Therefore a 3D-visual had to be made to represent that. The main problem was that there was barely any documentation available about the look and dimensions of the old church. With one groundplan and two illustrated stamps as reference I tried to make it feel like 1480 again. This visual made part of a project coördinated by pk-projects.


MARIE (2004)

The “Marie-project” is without any doubt the most exiting project I had to make. I worked several months on it, to get it just as I wanted it to be. This floating woman is the main navigation system for the bodystroke website. On the website, you can click on several body parts. These get scanned and redirect you to the other pages of the website. The tricky part was to make a loop where she is “floating” in the air, light enough to animate it in Flash MX. The project bodystroke was an exhibition of modern arts in Bruges 2005. World famous artists like Cindy Sherman, Erwin Wurm, John Isaacs, Olaf Breuning, Ugo Rondinone and a lot of others got their work exposed there. Bodystroke was a part of the all-round festivity in Bruges; Corpus05. Together with a friend; Peter van Camp, we designed the site and the concept for this artistic platform. I made the 3D-navigation and Peter designed  the website. The coordination was made by pk-projects ,  synaptech did the development.

Wall paper design for the website:



The mole is the 3D-mascotte for the archaeological museum of Bruges. The museum was in need of a mascot, mainly as guide for the kids around the museum. He explains them what an archaeologist does and how and why he does it. I made five little movies, where the mole explains the activity of archeology. I modelled, rigged, and animated the mole to perform his demonstrations.The project was an assignment for pk-projects, who did restyle the complete museum.



HABITAT (2004)

The Habitat is a design-project from Patrick Beyaert. He asked me to visualise a concept-house. It was an interesting object to make in 3D, so I had a lot of fun making it. Patricks own words about his project: “Nomad, work-living environment. A place where inspiration and meditation is a central theme.”